Dana Sardano on the MDNTV Podcast: How to Find Uniquely U

Listen to this inspiring conversation between the energetic and lovely Major Daughter with our very own Dana Sardano as they discuss ways on how you too can live your best life!
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Monday, September 19, 2022: Dana Sardano is a former high school educator/administrator, who in 2017 left a 25-year career in education to become an artist (after picking up a paintbrush for the first time in 2015) and has since opened Ubuntu Fish Gallery, in Stuart, FL, authored several books, and co-founded FinduniquelyU.com.

Her most recent written work, Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment,  is a loose autobiography written in a “how to” format that is structured around the life lessons that have led her to her own personal empowerment. Dana’s hope with all her writing is to educate both adults and children so that they can empower themselves and work together to create a new self-empowered, unity-conscious generation.



For more information about Dana Sardano and her projects, go to: https://www.ubuntufishgallery.com/ and https://finduniquelyu.com/

To get tickets for our upcoming Open House on October 1st, 2022 go to https://finduniquelyu.com/uniquely-u-open-house-the-ultimate-workshop-experience/

To purchase Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment in paperback go to https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09YC2CCDB


To find Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment as an audiobook, narrated by Dana Sardano herself, go to https://finduniquelyu.com/product/ten-recommandments-for-personal-empowerment-audio-book/




Read the Uniquely U. Launch Press Release. For Uniquely U. press inquiries, contact Paul Muto of Muto Communications via email at paul@mutocomm.com or phone at +1 516-662-5374.


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