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Going Commando with Angela & Dana kicks off the Season 4 Gratitude

Join us for a special episode of Going Commando where the “ladies” of Commando unite with the Queen of Gratitude, Melisa Caprio for some lighthearted conversation among friends. Connecting with one another from Long Island, NY to sunny South Florida, the trio share one commonality—a real appreciation for life! Together, they talk about the importance of maintaining gratitude regardless of the discomfort of life’s sometimes unpleasant and even tragic circumstances. They also share stories of how they were able to see the bright side of some of life’s shitty situations and how they found their way to the other side of suck. And as always, true to form, Dana and Angela, now with Miss Melisa, crack jokes, make merry, and embrace their potty mouths as they drop all pretenses and go commando!

Networking just got personal.

It’s easy to celebrate our monumental achievements because these victories are obvious and joyful and often triumphant. It’s the moments behind the scenes, however, where tenuous steps are taken, obstacles are overcome, and mountains are moved, inciting the most obscure revelations that truly define a person.

Uniquely Phenom Collaboration recognizes the greatness, courage, and sheer determination that lie in the foundation of the human spirit.

By sharing these stories, our hope is to inspire one another to keep moving forward despite our fear and to collaborate and authentically expand our networks and maybe even find the humor in it along the way.

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