U-Instructor Directory

Our U-Instructors have passionately cultivated their content and desire to meaningfully connect with their audience. Each one has exemplified the courage one needs to invest in oneself and the drive to see their content come to fruition. 

At the most basic level, people create content because they are connected with the voice of their soul.


They have looked within, done the work, and discovered a voice driven by love, a voice that embodies the desire to serve and guide others.


FindUniquelyU.com allows you, the creator, to experience the impact that you’ve had on your audience through live, virtual workshops that allow you to expand on your creation through shared experiences and creative collaborations, bringing it to the next dimension.


No more writing a book that collects dust on a shelf. 


No more creating content that gets lost in a sea of likes and shares.


No more running your business in a vacuum.  


Now is the time to connect.


Now is the time to feel the joy in being able to revel in your audience’s victories.


Now is the time to experience the appreciation of those who resonate with your content.


Now is the time to feel and know the impact you’ve had on others, to feel the admiration of your fans and to evolve, together.

Got What it Takes to Become a U-Instructor?

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