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Wendy Becerra

ACM of Wholistic Blessings

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Multi-modality, “light up your light” and empowerment superhero!

Wendy is a multi-modality, “light-up-your-light” and empowerment superhero. A former registered/certified pharmacy technician of 21 years, Wendy made the conscious decision to pursue an
alternative, more natural, and “wholistic” approach to healing after her son’s autism diagnosis. She’s an empathic psychic medium, medical intuitive, certified crystal healer, Reiki master, medicine woman, and healing facilitator.


Through many years of dedication, and ongoing self-mastery she has developed a loving healing practice. Her sessions include energy healing specific to the client’s needs and channeling messages from Source, Angels, ancestors, animals, and spirit guides.


As a follow-up to care, Wendy enjoys creating and offering herbal and crystal products for her client’s specific needs. As a facilitator and conduit of healing, she’s highly motivated about Empowering those who are on the path of self-discovery to be the very best version of themselves and help them find their light within.

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U-Instructor: Wendy Becerra, ACM of Wholistic Blessings

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U-Instructor: Wendy Becerra, ACM of Wholistic Blessings

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