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Our U-Instructors have passionately cultivated their content and desire to meaningfully connect with their audience. Each one has exemplified the courage one needs to invest in oneself and the drive to see their content come to fruition.


Are you ready to do the same?

Take Your Content to the Next Dimension

Become a U-Instructor and connect more meaningfully with your audience while monetizing your content. It’s a win-win-win!

Human-to-Human Training Program

It’s FREE! ($1,028.75 value)

Uniquely U.’s Ready-Set-Teach! program assists content creators who desire to connect with their following on a deeper level but aren’t quite sure how.


Our staff walks you through the process of creating interactive content, applying it to a virtual platform, and executing it in a professional manner.


Your time and energy aside, there is no cash cost to you to go through our training program. We at Uniquely U. are committed to investing our time and energy in those who are courageous enough to invest in themselves.

No More Administrative Headaches

Uniquely U. organizes, schedules, and handles all administrative inconveniences. You just show up and connect with your audience and rock the hell out of it!


We at Uniquely U. understand that our content creators are simply people who are in the business of connecting with people. We also understand that this interconnectivity brings their content to the next level, and we happily assist in that process.


But more importantly, as content creators ourselves, who are also in the business of connecting with people, we want to connect with you!

5 Reasons to Join

  1. Present your content on a fun, “university-style” new online learning platform.

  2. We assist you in developing an engaging workshop through our free, tried and true, human-to-human training program.

  3. No Fees! It costs you nothing but your time and energy (which we highly value) to create a workshop.

  4. We handle all administrative tasks and we provide you with marketing assets to help you spread the word.

  5. Earn revenue while connecting more meaningfully with your network.

Where Does Your Content Fit?

With four levels of opportunity to expand your content, you decide how far you want to go.

Rising Star

Anyone interested in teaching their passion based on a curriculum of content they create.


Content Creators with blogs, articles, workbooks and downloadables; artists;  songwriters; webinars/lectures, video podcasts, and content created for youtube, tiktok, etc.


Authors/Creators who have published works, including books, albums, films, on-demand series for television, etc.


Authors whose works have been published by our sister company Phenom Publishing.

“Being able to share the content of my books with readers in such a personal way has helped me to continue evolving my knowledge. Receiving feedback and experiencing the impact I have on others in real time is truly something!”

To our Phenoms, our Phoenixes, our Warriors, and our Rising Stars, join us as we collaboratively create content that brings humanity to the next dimension.

At the most basic level, people create content because they are connected with the voice of their soul.


They have looked within, done the work, and discovered a voice driven by love, a voice that embodies the desire to serve and guide others. allows you, the creator, to experience the impact that you’ve had on your audience through live, virtual workshops that allow you to expand on your creation through shared experiences and creative collaborations, bringing it to the next dimension.


No more writing a book that collects dust on a shelf. 


No more creating content that gets lost in a sea of likes and shares.


No more running your business in a vacuum.  


Now is the time to connect.


Now is the time to feel the joy in being able to revel in your audience’s victories.


Now is the time to experience the appreciation of those who resonate with your content.


Now is the time to feel and know the impact you’ve had on others, to feel the admiration of your fans and to evolve, together.

Got What it Takes?

To see where your content fits and to discover your earning potential, submit a U-Instructor application and let’s see where it takes us!

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