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Highly Secure, Customizable, Human-Powered, Online Learning Web-based App

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Property List Price: $595,400


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Dana Sardano,

5% commission for sale brokers. Contact Dana Sardano for details. 

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This newly constructed, move-in-ready beauty was a passion project created just 6 blocks from the beach by its original occupant. As the creator of this platform enjoyed the warmth of her fully functional fireplace and magical garden view from the home office of her quaint Long Island home, the concept for this online learning platform was born and brought to fruition.


The possibilities are endless with this warm and inviting e-learning campus that gently balances professionalism with true connection. The vastness of this virtual space coupled with its homey feel is the perfect place to house virtual events, facilitate learning opportunities, and create a place of connection for your community of knowledge-sharers and truth seekers.


This move-in-ready virtual platform is newly decorated and fully equipped to meet all of your online learning needs—just add your community and you’re off to the races! Seven virtual buildings, each with its own unique design and style, are designed to house even the most voracious of learners. No stone has been left unturned while creating this beauty! You can be operational in just three months from purchase!


Looking to put your stink on it and make it your own? Owner occupant happens to be an Intuitive Brand Jedi and will assist in remodeling the space to create a personalized feel, the cost of which is included in the list price.


There is so much to say about this online educational platform—from its functionality to its style to its ingenuity to the possibilities of expansion—it truly meets all of your needs.



Why rent and be subject to third parties who could utilize your private data when you can own your very own, customizable, highly secure, turnkey, online learning platform?



Customizable, Secure, Web-based, Responsive, Online Learning Application


  • Instructor Training + Onboarding Processes
  • Business Model + Financial Projections
  • Database Management System
  • Transition Team for 3 months
  • Transfer of Developer Relationship for Continuity
  • Post-Launch Tech and Training Maintenance Plans Available (Custom)


Co-Founder Angela DiMarco, Intuitive Brand Jedi, will assist in reskinning the platform to your brand specifications during the transition.


Unlimited User Capacity (contingent on hosting plan)



Access available upon request. Contact Dana Sardano at


  • Instructor Trainer/Content Developer (FT)
  • Operations Manager (FT)
  • Database Manager (PT)
  • Marketing Assistant (PT)
  • Developer for Updates and Maintenance (PT)


  1. Angels and VCs—Accelerate your portfolio founders to market or create an expansion product. (We can have the company operational in just three months.)

  2. Conscious Community Leaders—Expand your community’s ability to connect with one another by sharing knowledge, creating monetization opportunities for your members that are embarking on conscious businesses, and providing unique engagement opportunities on your custom platform.

  3. Coaches Looking to Expand Their Offering—Have you outgrown third party virtual conference apps (Zoom, Teams, etc.) for delivery of your service? This custom app creates a space for a new kind of education that is professional and next level.


  4. Corporations with Multiple Offices and/or a Remote Workforce—Efficiently expand your knowledge sharing and standard corporate training with singular HR, product/service training, personal and professional development, etc.

  5. Private, Charter, and Community-based Home School Educational Institutions—Expand your enrollment by offering virtual courses and connect with similar institutions from around the world.


Under our leadership, our business utilized this platform for two years, and it truly served us well.


Being able to assist creators in developing their knowledge sharing skills and to create monetization opportunities on our reliable, proprietary, and HUMAN-CENTRIC platform has truly been next level.


So much so that we want to share this opportunity with our fellow community and organization leadership peers with the hope that you and your people will also thrive on this unique, virtual campus.


Should you be our next community to onboard, we are committed to sharing everything we’ve learned as we built and tested this platform, to training your people, and to rebranding the platform so it is entirely YOURS.


It is realistic to assume we can have you in market within three months. Contact us at to schedule a demo and to learn more.

Angela DiMarco & Dana Sardano


  • Custom, Web-based Application built with Laravel Framework

  • Stripe + Hubspot Integration

  • Human-to-Human Instructor Training + Onboarding Processes

  • Database Management System

  • Marketing + Workshop Assets Templates 
  • Foreign + Domestic Independent Contractor Agreement Templates


  • Foreign + Domestic Instructor Payment Processes


  • Transfer of Original Developer Relationship for Continuity of Service


  • WooCommerce WordPress Elementor Website Template for Marketing
  • Three Months of  Transition and Training Team Support Included

  • Move-In Ready or Make it Your Own with the assistance of Intuitive Brand Jedi/Co-Founder Angela DiMarco. (Updating general branding elements, fonts, colors, logos, graphics are included in list price.)

Meet Your Transition Team

Angela & Dana have put their blood, sweat, and tears into this platform, and they know every nook and cranny about it. The ladies are offering three months of their time to assist in the transition and will teach your team everything they need to know to help you with a successful launch.


Contact Dana Sardano to get this party started!


We currently offer a wide range of empowering workshops which reside within seven schools of thought. As the future owner of this amazing property, you can choose to keep these schools as is or make it unique to your brand and educational needs. 


Our U-Instructors, extremely knowledgeable in their area of expertise, each go through our human-to-human Ready-Set-Teach! training program and on-boarding process.

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ABOUT OUR PLATFORM, IN A NUT SHELL:, a global platform headquartered in New York, is a non accredited, nondiscriminatory e-learning platform available to adult learners and their children ages 8-88 (give or take a few years).


Both our domestic and international U-Instructors are hired as Independent Contractors who’ve graduated from our unique Ready-Set-Teach! training program. They teach content they are passionate about from the comfort of their own locations.


To fully participate and gain all you can from your experience with, all that’s required is a computer with a camera and mic, a reliable internet connection, and a sense of adventure.


Our community is comprised of people that you might otherwise have connected with at a local coffee shop or a dinner party or met through trusted friends. We are friends of friends from all walks of life. Our common thread is kindness and an openness to rediscovering our joy. From those of us a little rough around the edges to the more introverted to the enlightened, we’re all commonly and passionately driven to learn, teach, and connect.



Our mission is simply to make life better, to leave this world better than how we got it. It’s to offer guidance to those who want to do the same. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an artist or a spiritual practitioner, or simply, someone who wants to be excited to get up in the morning, it is our mission to assist you in your journey to get there, wherever there is for YOU.




We see a world where anyone who wants “it” has an opportunity to grab “it” (whatever their “it” is.) We envision a global community connecting, collaborating, learning, and lifting each other up — ALWAYS up — and we aim for a society that fosters and celebrates attainable, sustainable growth, happiness, and joy!