Offer Live Courses in Your Own Customized Community SaaS Product

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For just $595,400 you can establish your own online live learning hub.


We like to call it a “virtual campus”.


We can completely customize it to your brand and content needs.


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Community Leaders,

are you looking to expand your community’s ability to connect with one another by sharing knowledge?

Angels and VCs,

are you looking to accelerate your portfolio founders to market or create expansion products?

Coaches and Influencers,

have you outgrown third-party virtual conference apps (Zoom, Teams, etc.) for delivery of your service?


have you got a remote workforce? Looking to efficiently expand your standard corporate training with singular HR, product/service training, and personal and professional development.

Hey Homeschoolers,

looking to expand your enrollment by offering virtual courses and connect with similar institutions from around the world?

Experience the full potential of our dynamic live learning platform—it offers everything you need and more!

Here’s what you need to know about this exciting investment opportunity!


Ownership of a Secure, Responsive, Web-based Application for Hosting Live Workshops



Unlimited User Capacity (contingent on hosting plan)



  • Instructor Trainer/Content Developer (FT)
  • Operations Manager (FT)
  • Database Manager (PT)
  • Marketing Assistant (PT)
  • Developer for Updates and Maintenance (PT)


You’ll gain ownership of a personalized version of this platform, uniquely crafted to reflect your branding and content preferences, all for a one-time fee $595,400.00. Enjoy the full benefit of all generated revenues, entirely yours to keep. Plus, while there are no licensing fees, we offer optional tech support and content management plans at an additional cost for your convenience.



We are offering a 5% commission to anyone who brokers the deal, and prezzies for those that assist.


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Discover the Perks of Your Own Virtual Campus:

  • Experience intimate online classes, nurturing genuine connections and engagement.

  • Extend your business and brand with live learning opportunities.

  • Empower instructors with monetization options within your community.

  • Enhance employee retention with this valuable perk.

  • Rest assured with our secure closed campus, safeguarding content and data.

  • Benefit from our proven instructor training and onboarding program.

  • We will get your campus up and running in just three months with our client transition program.


With a one-time purchase of this platform, you gain access to:

  • No licensing fees; this platform is 100% owned by you.
  • Custom, web-based application built with Laravel Framework.
  • Integration with Stripe and HubSpot.
  • Comprehensive database management system.
  • Marketing and workshop assets templates provided.
  • Human-to-human instructor training and onboarding processes.
  • Templates for foreign and domestic independent contractor agreements.
  • Streamlined payment processes for foreign and domestic instructors.
  • Transfer of the original developer relationship ensures continuity of service.
  • Three months of transition and training team support included.
  • Implementation of your brand and creation of content strategy (Base price includes updating general branding elements, fonts, colors, logos, and graphics).
  • Data room access available upon request; contact the team at

A Note from The Founders

Under our leadership, our business utilized this platform for two years, and it truly served us well.


Being able to assist creators in developing their knowledge sharing skills and to create monetization opportunities on our reliable, proprietary, and HUMAN-CENTRIC platform has truly been next level.


So much so that we want to share this opportunity with our fellow community and organization leadership peers with the hope that you and your people will also thrive on this unique, virtual campus.


Should you be our next community to onboard, we are committed to sharing everything we’ve learned as we built and tested this platform, to training your people, and to rebranding the platform so it is entirely YOURS.


It is realistic to assume we can have you in market within three months. Contact us at to schedule a demo and to learn more.

Angela DiMarco & Dana Sardano

Virtual Campus Features

Explore our diverse selection of empowering workshops, organized into seven distinct schools of thought. As the prospective owner of this exceptional property, you have the flexibility to maintain these schools as they are or tailor them to align with your brand and educational requirements.

Our U-Instructors, experts in their respective fields, undergo training and onboarding through our Ready-Set-Teach! human-to-human program.

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At, headquartered in New York, our platform was meticulously crafted with a clear mission and vision in mind. We’re proud to offer a non-accredited, inclusive e-learning environment catering to adult learners and their children, spanning from ages 8 to 88 (with some flexibility, of course).


Our dedicated domestic and international U-Instructors, engaged as Independent Contractors, have graduated from our exclusive Ready-Set-Teach! training program. They bring their passion to teach from the comfort of their own spaces.


To fully embrace the experience, all you need is a computer with a camera and mic, a reliable internet connection, and a spirit of adventure.


Our community mirrors the diverse connections you might make at a local café or a dinner party, facilitated by trusted friends. We come together as friends of friends, united by kindness and a shared eagerness to rediscover joy. Whether you’re a bit rough around the edges, introverted, or enlightened, we’re all driven by a common desire to learn, teach, and connect.



Our mission is simply to make life better, to leave this world better than how we got it. It’s to offer guidance to those who want to do the same. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an artist or a spiritual practitioner, or simply, someone who wants to be excited to get up in the morning, it is our mission to assist you in your journey to get there, wherever there is for YOU.




We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity to pursue their aspirations, whatever they may be. Our goal is to foster a global community built on connection, collaboration, learning, and mutual support—always uplifting each other. We strive for a society that embraces and celebrates achievable, sustainable growth, happiness, and joy.