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Choose Your Own Path as You Embark on Your Adventure to Personal Empowerment and Freedom!

A loose autobiography based on Dana Sardano's dysfunctional up-bringing and how she empowered herself and came out the other side.

To create real change, apply and integrate learned information, especially through interactive writing.

If you want to feel empowered and are ready to live life to the fullest, this brand new, on-demand video course is for you!

Dana offers several live, virtual workshops based on her well-received book Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment.

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Unlike self-paced learning videos or virtual webinars that can have upwards of 1,000 attendees, YOU get to ask questions and get answers straight from the horse’s mouth!


Being able to really dig in on the content allows you to evolve on a personal and professional level and to forge relationships with people you respect and admire.


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Make Meaningful Connections Through Authentic Storytelling

Watch Angela & Dana Going Commando with the the Professional Misfits

Join us for a special episode of Going Commando where the “ladies” of Commando, hoping to get a little taste of bro culture, throw down for a bit with The Professional Misfits, Christopher Sellers and Broedy Ipox. Connecting with one another from distant points on the globe, spanning from NY to Australia to Oregon to Florida, this motley crew shares one commonality—authenticity.

Networking just got personal.

  • Minimal commitment (just one 3-hour evening).
  • Inexpensive—ticket is the cost of two bougie Starbucks drinks.
  • Make authentic and meaningful connections that would otherwise take many interactions to achieve.
  • We raffle off fun prizes!
  • Interested in elevating your business? Apply to be a presenter and give new visibility to your brand.

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Are you creating and disseminating amazing content that gets lost in a sea of likes and shares? Is your book collecting dust on someone’s shelf?

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Become a U-Instructor and connect more meaningfully with your audience while monetizing your content. It’s a win-win-win!

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FindUniquelyU.com is an online learning platform designed for creators to connect and collaborate with their audience.

Through small, virtual workshops, interact with experts in their fields for the fraction of the cost of working with them 1-on-1. They benefit from sharing their content on a deeper level and seeing the impact they have in real time while participants benefit from their expertise.

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