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Manifest Health

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Somatic Energy Healer

Tamar’s own health came to a crashing halt in January 2021 when she was left debilitated by a combination of four auto-immune diseases. Without any answers from doctors, she found the natural path to healing through changing her lifestyle, nutrition, and trauma healing. 


Tamar completely transformed herself to the healthiest she has ever been, and found her passion for healing others after her life- changing healing experience. 


She continues to study a variety of different healing modalities to expand her education. Tamar is a certified facilitator of the Somatic Reparenting Method™ created by Dr. Somer Nicole. Through a combination of Somatic Reparenting™, energy healing and body work, Tamar facilitates subconscious rewiring, nervous system regulation and somatic emotional releases for her clients, helping to heal trauma on the physiological level. 


Tamar offers 1:1 sessions as well  group sessions via zoom or in-person. Through her company “Manifest Health,” Tamar curates and facilitates unique and powerful in-person healing events such as women’s healing circles, full moon cacao ceremonies, sound baths, ecstatic dance, and so much more.


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Understanding the Necessity of Healing Our Inner Child w/ Tamar Berkowitz

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Elevate with Elisheva with guest Tamar Berkowitz

Tamar Berkowitz joins Elisheva for this week’s episode — turning trauma into triumph. Tamar becomes our teacher, reminder, and messenger that healing is for the strong and brave. Tamar shares her story of how she started her healing journey from physical ailments and where she is today in her life.

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U-Instructor: Tamar Berkowitz

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