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Holistic Health, Mindset & Somatic Healing Coach based in South Florida

Tamar’s own health came to a crashing halt in January 2021 when she was left debilitated by a combination of four auto-immune diseases. Without any answers from doctors, she found the natural path to healing through changing her lifestyle, nutrition, and trauma healing. 


Tamar completely transformed herself to the healthiest she has ever been, and found her passion for healing others after her life- changing healing experience. 


She continues to study a variety of different healing modalities to expand her education and works with clients to heal any and all diseases through her one on one coaching programs where she focuses on a combination of lifestyle changes through nutrition, mindset coaching & trauma healing through somatic practices. 


Tamar believes that health is never a one-size-fits-all approach, viewing each client as a unique individual. Every client has their coaching plan uniquely tailored to their own personal needs for body, mind & soul with the goal of whole-body healing. 


Tamar is also the host of “Healing Soulutions,” a podcast that features interviews with experts in all different natural healing modalities, inspiring healing stories and guided meditations. Available on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.

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U-Instructor: Tamar Berkowitz

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