Thank you to all who attended our first Open House!

I personally want to thank Dana, Cristen and the U-Instructors (Wendy, Rosie, Jackie, Elizabeth and Neha!) who volunteered their time to share a little piece of their magic!  If you purchased a ticket but couldn’t make it, replays of each session are available in your locker here, where you may also leave a testimonial for the team. Thank you all for making our community so freakin’ special!

~ Angela DiMarco, Founder/CEO

Congratulations to all the prize winners!

Intuitive Guidance Session with Dana Sardano — Kevin C.

Heart Math Session with Vanita Pierre — Beth D.

Distance Reiki with Rosie Medina — Tara G.

Cristen R. Grajeda’s Message from the Universe — Laurie B.

Healing Session with Elizabeth Tuckwell — Amy G.

Wellness Chat with Jackie Staatz + Uniquely U. Swag Bag — Jackie H.

Breathwork Session with Vanita Pierre — Aleks B.

Crystal Wand created by Wendy Becerra — Mattie D.

20 minute Card Reading by Dana Sardano — Margaret C. 

Distance Reiki + Angel Card Reading by Rosie Medina — Sandy R.

Personal Meditation by Elizabeth Tuckwell — Pamela C.

Third Eye Purse designed by Dana Sardano + Ubuntu Fish Gallery Goodies — Jules K.

Crystal Pendant created by Wendy Becerra — Linda G.

In addition to these fabulous prezzies donated by our amazing U-Instructors, 26 attendees received a FREE workshop

Our U-Campus party was such a blast!

If you’re curious about what Uniquely U. is all about, then join us for fun-filled day of inspiring, collaborative experiences cultivated just for you! The Uniquely U. team has created something so special and so uplifting, and we invite anybody who simply wants to feel good to take a peek at what we are doing in our little section of the interweb.


On October 1st, we have put together a smorgasbord of Uniquely U. offerings that will give you a taste of what your experience will look like on our U-Campus.


Ready to try something different? Then, grab your seat and tell your friends — it’s going to be an awesome party! We can’t wait to meet you!


This workshop experience is for you if:

  • You would like to spend a Saturday afternoon yucking it up with some like-minded people.
  • You would like to get a taste of some of the workshops that Uniquely U. offers.
  • You want to be a guest on Angela and Dana’s new show, “Cuddle Talk”.
  • You are ready to become uplifted and inspired.
  • You are curious about and would like to experience the magic firsthand.

Angel Number 862 meaning: Trust that all of your financial and material needs are taken care of, because they are.

(From the book Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue.)

The day was broken up into three 2-hour sessions that included:

Session 1 – 9:00am EST (13:00 UTC)

  • Kick-off: Let’s Get This Party Started!!! (30 min.)
  • Workshop Round Robin Experience: Light Keeper + Consigliere (45 min.)
  • Reiki Healing Circle: Meditation & Healing (45 min.) 


Session 2 12:00pm EST (16:00 UTC)

  • U-Instructor Meet + Greet Round Robin 1: 3 20-min workshop experiences (60 min.) 
  • U-Instructor Meet + Greet Round Robin 2: 3 20-min workshop experiences (60 min.)


Session 3 4:00pm EST (20:00 UTC)

  • Be a Guest on “Cuddle Talk” with Dana & Angela! (60 min.)
  • After Party (woot woot! 45 min.)

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