“Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment” by Dana Sardano – Audio Book

Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment is a loose autobiography based on our very own Dana Sardano’s dysfunctional up-bringing and how she empowered herself and came out the other side. Showcasing this how-to meets autobiographical approach to her writing style, Dana uses anecdotes from her personal experiences, shares what she’s gleaned from these experiences, and offers insights on how to work through personal trauma in a step-by-step manner. It’s actually pretty amazing! Just ask her!


EXCLUSIVELY ON UNIQUELY U. The audiobook, hilariously narrated by the author Dana Sardano, is available for 24/7 access streaming. Upon purchase, a link will be emailed to along with your purchase code so you can access the audiobook in all its glory!


Want to get a physical copy of the book? Whether you are utilizing it as a textbook for your Ten Recommandments workshop, displaying it proudly on your bookshelf, or simply gifting a copy for your nearest and dearest, Dana Sardano’s well received book Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment, Second Edition is available for purchase on Amazon.com.



“What I’ve learned through the process of self-exploration is that our personal empowerment is directly linked to our ability to look within and recognize that we are all interconnected and we are all essentially in this together. I learned that I didn’t just suffer; we all suffer. Our humanness is based in suffering and this suffering binds us and hopefully teaches us compassion for ourselves and others along the way. What I also learned is, at the end of the day, I and I alone am responsible for my own suffering, and when I begin taking the steps toward releasing that suffering, then I will truly feel empowered. My hope is to educate the parents and children through my writing so that they can empower themselves and work together to create a new self-empowered, unity-conscious generation.”
~Dana Sardano


Purchase the second edition paperback is available for purchase on Amazon.


Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment, Second Edition. Published in 2022 by Phenom Publishing.

1 review for “Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment” by Dana Sardano – Audio Book

  1. David O

    My life is MY life and it is unique!..
    Nobody has been through what I have been through and knows what I know!
    Except they have and it’s not!
    You know when you watch a film and the plot seems familiar? That’s because there really aren’t that many different story lines. The point is what the protagonist does with the story. What Dana does with her story made me look at what I was doing with mine.

    I have read just about all the most important books about how to improve interpersonal skills, communication skills… 7 habits…, not giving a f@#k… to the heavy-weight Kahnemans and Nietzsches , and they all have some important insights and lessons but this one kinda took me by surprise.

    The author Dana Sardano, took me by the hand through her extraordinary life and shared her challenges and victories, her hard learned lessons and the wisdom, yes, wisdom she had earned. Not Socrates wisdom but kitchen-sink, Get-yer-head-outta-yer-Arse wisdom. Wisdom that you can use!

    Except it was NOT an extraordinary life, I found so many parallels with my own experiences and with the experiences of my friends and loved-ones. Sometimes I felt her protagonist was me, and sometimes the antagonist. But, I was always in there somewhere.

    What WAS extraordinary was her ability to take a perspective on the events that had moulded her and distil them into 10 nudges (Recommandments) that will shift your perspective. She does not win every battle but definitely fights a good fight.

    Don’t get me wrong, the books I have read have all contributed to my skills and knowledge in my understanding of how we communicate and how we can up our game but Dana’s 10 Recommandments made me look at the person that underlies these skills in a way that I hadn’t before. You can fill your box with tools, but if the hand on the spanner is unsteady, you will never get your nuts tight!

    Books have always been good friends to me, often wise friends and this is a friend you need in your life. Whether for A Reason, A Season or A Lifetime.

    I particularly recommend the audiobook as Dana’s reading adds an extra dimension and connection. She recorded it at an extraordinary point in her life and you can hear it.

    Get a copy and I dare you to tell me that I’m wrong!

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