Dana Sardano on the Glen Alex Show

Glen Alex and Dana Sardano discuss components of wellness, individual vs. collective wellness, and Ubuntu, the interconnectedness of humanity.

This fabulous episode of The Glen Alex Show, on the Bold Brave TV Network, is about wellness and the Ten Recommandments, guest Dana Sardano’s book.


Glen Alex and Dana discuss components of wellness, individual vs collective wellness, and Ubuntu, the interconnectedness of humanity. Dana also shares her journey to wellness.


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The Glen Alex Show broadcasts live on the Bold Brave TV Network every Thursday @ 4:00pm est/1:00pm pst! Live callers and comments are welcome!! Save the date and the address: http://boldbravetv.com!!


About Glen

Alex Glen Alex is Author of Living In Total Health, the 2021 Indie Book Award Winner in Health and Wellness and Finalist in Mind, Body, Spirit category, health blogger, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (psychotherapist), Licensed Massage Therapist, USPTA Certified Tennis Coach, Founder and Executive Director of the former G. Alex Foundation, Wellth Counselor, Wisdom App Top Mentor, BurnAlong Instructor, and Host of The Glen Alex Show podcast.


Living In Total Health, Glen’s Indie Award Winning book, is available in hardcover, eBook, and paperback. Order your copy of this total wellness guide on https://glenalex.com/.


Glen also offers self-paced online boundaries courses for overwhelmed women, continuing education for Social Workers, speaker, and teletherapy. Visit https://glenalex.com/ for more information.



For more information about Dana Sardano and her projects, go to: https://www.ubuntufishgallery.com/ and https://finduniquelyu.com/


To purchase Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment in paperback go to https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09YC2CCDB


To find Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment as an audiobook, narrated by Dana Sardano herself, go to https://finduniquelyu.com/product/ten-recommandments-for-personal-empowerment-audio-book/




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