Uniquely Yours, 005: I Am a Visionary

Having the ability to use the imagination to see potential outcomes is an exciting trait but there are pitfalls.

Uniquely Yours, 

005: “I Am a Visionary” by Angela DiMarco

I used to feel slightly egotistical calling myself a ‘visionary’, but the truth of the matter is, it’s just how I see the world around me, or rather how I see the potential of the world around me. It’s something I’ve done my entire life — look ahead at the possibilities and live in those self-designed, cherished, future happinesses. People learn that to create the life of their dreams, they can make vision boards, journal or use visualization techniques to manifest anything they want. So, if I have had visualization on lock since early childhood, why wasn’t I living the life of my dreams from the get?


Because of two very important things: balance and intention, neither of which I had an awareness of until recently. 


It is very important for visionary people like me to stay balanced — keeping our feet firmly planted in the here and now while we paint a future version of the situation in our mind’s eye. 


When we were house hunting last summer, I saw the potential of each and every house we walked through and my heart fell in love with each one. I could envision the addition we could put on to create the space we needed or the remodeling we could do to suit our style, the kids doing homework in their rooms and holiday gatherings — all of it — which caused a heartbreak when my husband didn’t see it the same way I did. I was lost in the possibilities and overwhelmed with disappointment after disappointment. 


At one point, our realtor said to me, “It’s great to have all these ideas for what you could do, but do you want to move into a project house or do you want to move into a house that is right for you guys from the start?” The answer was definitely the latter. This simple question restored balance within me and I began co-house hunting with Dave instead of giving each house an HGTV-worthy makeover and then grieving the loss in my own head. 


Equally important to balance are the intentions behind the visions. When I was imagining the possibilities of each house, it was because I was rooted in fear that we would not find the perfect home, so I’d immediately settle for whatever was coming our way and envision how we could make it work. Because of my experiences to date, I didn’t believe I was worthy of having the house of my dreams.


Once I scraped that crappy old way of thinking, like with the flick of a light switch, I had faith that our house was out there, that we had all kinds of time, that the joy was in the journey, not the destination. Shortly after my realtor brought me back to reality, we found the perfect, move-in ready house for our family. The energetic match was so comfortable that it felt like we had always lived there.


Thinking back even further on all the boyfriends who were definitely NOT right for me (but no RAGRETS because lessons were learned), I was always so focused on what the relationship COULD be, what the future COULD look like that I never, and I mean NEVER, took a moment to learn about the guy or even how I felt with the guy. I always thought it was because I was so open-hearted and full of blind trust, but honestly, it’s because I wasn’t grounded in reality. If I were, I would’ve had to face the world that I was so fearful I couldn’t change. Essentially I lived a double life — the one where I was making all the wrong choices and the imaginary one where I was happy, safe and abundant. 


The beautiful thing about being aware is that once you are, there is no going back. I’ve learned that when I get a vision, I have to completely let go of how it will come to fruition and simply live in the moment. If the intention behind my vision is rooted in joy and love, the universe picks up on the happy emotions in my heart and starts to conspire to make it happen. It also has the same effect with negative emotions, but for the sake of this post, I am only focusing on positive change. This doesn’t happen overnight, so I must be aware and present to follow the intuition-led breadcrumb trail that leads me to the vision becoming a reality.


My vision for Uniquely U. has not shifted since I first conceived of the idea, which is to spark the light in anyone who feels alone and guide them towards living a joyful life. From the get, Uniquely U. has always felt like it already exists, that people are already finding joy and igniting sparks and connecting and collaborating, that I am simply coloring in the picture that was already drawn. I believe that because my intention behind building this business is not to get rich but to manifest joy for the whole world that it will successfully be realized.


While dreaming of the future, I don’t think about having piles of money in a safe. I envision having the freedom to provide enriching experiences and feelings of safety and joy for my family and friends. The vision that I can’t wait to see come to fruition is the first Uniquely U. Global Conference to be hosted at the TWA Hotel in NYC. I see having the means to provide an all-expenses-paid trip for all our U-Instructors and their families from around the world to come hang with us for five days. My heart skips a beat when I envision hugging my team whom I’ve never physically met, and seeing our children running around the hotel while we talk and eat and make merry together. I can feel every little detail of the experience and already feel sad when it comes to an end, but then we will start planning the next year’s trip, maybe to Mumbai or Australia…


I feel so strongly that we will experience this and many of the other visions I have for the company. All I can do is take small steps to get us there and not get bogged down in the how of it all. We are starting with monthly Zoom Team U-CONNECT meetings which will essentially be like an ‘open office hours meets water cooler conversation’ situation so we can at least connect virtually and casually.


It isn’t always rainbows and butterflies when it comes to being a Visionary. Without being balanced and with heart-centered intentions, it is very easy to lose sight of what is right in front of me. Gratitude keeps me grounded and balanced. Sure, my visions are freaking exciting, but so is the here and now, taking notice of everything in my life in this moment that is perfect.

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