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I am often asked, “Why this? Why now?”


Up until 2008, I thought I had it all. I owned an apartment in Brooklyn, had a great job in NYC, a beautiful daughter, a healthy bank account and an excellent credit score. But in 2008, everything changed. Our economy fell into a recession. I ended a toxic marriage and shortly after, I was laid off from my advertising job. Instead of finding another full-time job, I became a freelance gun-for-hire so I could have flexibility to care for my daughter.


As an inexperienced freelancer, finding steady clients and chasing invoices in a failing economy was extremely challenging. After living in NYC as a technically unemployed, single mom with legal fees piling up from my divorce, I was nearly 100k in debt. I remember counting change just so I could buy my daughter a slice of pizza after school. After a near nervous breakdown in the spring of 2010, I became a member of an amazing program that changed my life. I knew deep down that I had to start healing from within in order to build the life of my dreams.


During that time, I could have really used a community like this — a place to learn how to nurture clients and how to market myself, a place from which I could source work and learn how to be a single mom while freelancing, a community with like-minded interests that supports one another and reminds each other that life isn’t something to be survived, but rather it is to be lived. It would have been helpful to have the support of a village, as I was very much alone and very much winging it.


Looking back on this time in my life and hearing of people’s experiences of reinventing themselves due to the pandemic sparked my idea for this platform. No one should have to suffer to put food on the table. Not today. Not ever! Now, there is opportunity for anyone who reaches for it — for the little dogs to get the big bones. All they need to do is find their truly unique skills and follow their hearts to do what they are passionate about. Success is the natural byproduct of following that passion. I’ve seen it time and time again.


Since 2010, my life has changed immensely. I am grateful to have a supportive and nurturing partnership with my husband. My baby girl is now 16 years old and is an amazing big sister to our brilliant 3-year-old son. Now that my family and my heart are whole, I want to give back to the global community and hopefully make it so that no one has to ever dig up loose change to buy their kid a slice of pizza after school. Nobody should have the beauty of the experience of sharing pizza with their child tainted by the fear of affording to do so. These simple joys in life are what make life so spectacular and on this platform with like-minded people, we can discover new and creative ways to create celebrate them together.


Angela DiMarco
Uniquely U. Founder / CEO



Prior to creating The Uniquely U. Group., Angela spent her formative years working at some amazing advertising agencies in NYC, including Draft Worldwide, Digitas, and RAPP, the design firm C3, Inc., DiMassimo Brand Advertising, and Saatchi & Saatchi X. Over many late nights, Angela helped in creating on-brand, effective work across all mediums for American Express, Verizon, Merck-Medco, AOL, Real Simple Magazine, Virgin Mobile USA, The New York Times, The Plaza Hotel and Mercedes-Benz, gaining invaluable experience working on these huge national brands.


It was with a desire to work directly with clients as partners, an intuitive knack for solving strategic and visual challenges, and the passion to help small businesses grow that Angela left the world of big agencies and began collaborating with like-minded creative entrepreneurs. In 2010, Angela laid the foundation for The Thirsty Creative Group, a unique agency platform that is equal parts traditional freelance and white-labeled creative services. Angela has sat as the Executive Creative Director for small agencies with big clients and has led diverse teams and vendor partners in building meaningful brand experiences for customers. She has created beautiful brand identities and designed successful marketing initiatives for inspiring clients such as Scholastic, Medpod, Nikon, Performance Physical Therapy, HarborOne Bank, Helen Keller International and Canon.


In 2017, Angela went client-side and joined Visiontron, a manufacturer of crowd control products, as their first in-house Marketing Director. She rebranded the nearly 60-year-old company, created a massive website and has led her team in implementing a robust marketing strategy. 


The pandemic though has led her to get back to her passion of wanting to help “the little guy” by making corporate-level guidance accessible to those who long to reinvent themselves. The original intention was to become a brand coach. But Angela soon realized that there are so many people who offer this type of assistance, and so many people who may not know such services exist. As such, The Uniquely U. Group was born.


Uniquely U. is an uncommon commonplace that brings opportunity for teachers and students with the core essence of finding and nurturing that unique, differentiating factor and value proposition, and shining a light on it as a personal brand. Angela has been known throughout her career as the “Connector” and Uniquely U. is the ultimate platform for her to bring people together who can spark ideas and set dream-achieving action into motion.


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