Veda Finds Her Crown (Adolescents Ages 10-15)

U-Instructor: Dana Sardano

This virtual instructor-led workshop gives you the amazing opportunity to work with Dana Sardano directly. Dana now brings her insightful wisdom from the pages of her book Veda Finds Her Crown to live, interactive workshops for adolescents seeking to learn a more effective way to process their emotions. See below for full description.


Learn how to feel more empowered over four 2-hour, virtual interactive sessions:

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A 25-year veteran educator, Dana learned early in her career that children’s development and achievement are directly impacted by their wellness in the 7 energy centers located in the body, and when children understand how to recognize their own imbalances, address them, and realign themselves, they are then primed to flourish in all aspects of their lives. Dana’s entire educational career is rooted in knowing and understanding that these internal energy centers are the best way for children to keep themselves and their lives in alignment so that their outer world can reflect the health and wellness of their inner world. She delights in sharing with the children this little rainbow-colored road map for personal wellness!


Dana facilitates this workshop by introducing the concepts through classroom instruction, utilizing the story for a deeper understanding of these concepts, integrating the concepts through activities and exercises in the workbook, and concluding through class discussion and Q&A.


The beauty of Dana’s approach to children’s educational needs is that she focuses on the psychology of the children and emphasizes the practicality of the chakra system. Her compassion, warmth, and sense of humor create a learning environment that is engaging and interesting for all ages and levels of learning.


PLEASE NOTE: This workshop must be purchased on behalf of a minor child by an adult Uniquely U. member who is over the age of 18 years old. The member agrees to assume all responsibility for the child’s interactions on the Uniquely U. platform. We encourage the adult to monitor the minor’s usage, and the adult and minor agrees to release Uniquely U., and hold Uniquely U. harmless from any and all content viewed, or interactions with any party. At any and all times, because access to the workshop will be through the member’s account, the member may also attend the child’s workshop, communicate with their U-Instructor and view replays. We highly value everyone’s privacy, but equally important, we wish for everyone to have a safe and trusting experience. After all, it does take a village, doesn’t it?!


Purchase a copy of Veda Finds Her Crown (Second Edition) here.


This workshop is for you if…

• You or a child in your care is 10-15 years old.
• You are interested in metaphysical, psychological, yet practical ways to better understand yourself and the world around you.
• You want to learn about yourself in a fun and interactive way.
• You would like to learn more effective ways to process your emotions.
• You would like to better understand your chakras/energy centers.
• You have had some trauma or unpleasant experiences in your life and would like to learn fun and engaging ways to put them to rest for good.



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How many participants will be in the workshop? 

We believe in creating an intimate space so everyone has the ability to interact and engage with the U-Instructor. Therefore, we allow a maximum of 20 (twenty) seats.


What if I cannot attend a session?

All sessions are recorded and the replay link is available a few hours after the workshop session is complete. However, the recordings are not the best and are really for referring back to. If you want to get 100% from your workshop, we strongly suggest you make the time to be there for every session.


How is the value of the workshop determined? 

Our U-Instructors fall under one of four categories: Phenom U-Instructor workshops cost $85 USD per hour; Phoenix U-Instructor workshops cost $75 USD per hour; Warrior U-Instructor workshops are $65 USD per hour; Rising Star U-Instructor workshops are $50 USD per hour.


Can I get professional development credits for participating in this workshop? 

Most likely, yes! Please contact us at so we can discuss your specific requirements.


Who do I contact with questions or concerns? 

Send an email to or call +1 801-251-6150 and someone will get back to you ASAP.




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