UPC Celebrates Those Who Rise & Shine: It’s Your Story Package

Nice Assets!

You’ve recorded your session and you’ve been tagged on LinkedIn, so now what? You have an opportunity to own your assets so you can do whatever you like with them (post your story on your website or in other social places, wherever is clever!)

“It’s Your Story” Package Includes:

  • Your story fully edited and rendered at 4K quality supplied as an mp4 file (which we upload to YouTube).
  • Your story fully edited and rendered at Adaptive High Bitrate (lowest best file format we can upload to LinkedIn).
  • Your raw, unedited footage from our Riverside.fm studio.


Upon purchase, we will send you a link to download your files from our g-drive.


Just note that they are very large files (sometimes over 4gigs), so please make sure you have the bandwidth for these files. We just ask that you let us know once you’ve successfully downloaded your files so we can remove them from our storage. We will always keep a local backup if you need it down the line. Simply email Angela@FindUniquelyU.com or message Angela on LinkedIn.



It’s easy to celebrate our monumental achievements because these victories are obvious and joyful and often triumphant. It’s the moments behind the scenes, however, where tenuous steps are taken, obstacles are overcome, and mountains are moved by the most obscure revelations that truly define a person. Uniquely Phenom Collaboration recognizes the greatness, courage, and sheer determination that lie in the foundation of the human spirit. By sharing these stories, our hope is to inspire one another to keep moving forward despite our fear and to collaborate and authentically expand our networks.


This series is brought to you by:

Uniquely Phenom Collaboration — Storysharing…for the sake of humanity!

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