Visionaries! Take Small Steps to Bring Big Ideas to Life

U-Instructor: Angela DiMarco, Uniquely U. Co-Founder / Chief Officer of Technology, Operations + Brand

Workshop Description:

“The great mountain when seen from a distance shall always seem closer to us but to get to it, and to climb to its apex to get the best view, we may need to take and experience the real walk with resilience and tenacity.”
~Ernest Agyemang Yeboah


If you are ready to take your vision from dream to reality but aren’t quite sure where to start, this workshop will help you take those first small steps.


Using my book Uniquely U. Update #52: The Birth of a Bright-Eyed Entrepreneur as a guide, I will teach you how to learn from all my rookie mistakes in creating and avoid much of the frustration and heartache that comes with these missteps.


We will begin with the core fundamentals, such as 1. defining the problem you are trying to solve, 2. identifying who you want to serve, and most importantly, 3. pinpointing why do you want to do this?


We will discuss:


  • The trials and tribulations of starting a business from scratch.
  • Your current circumstances (stay in a full time job, when to go full time pursuing your passion, and how to navigate big changes in your family.)
  • Partnerships and collaborations.
  • The reality of the financials.
  • Basic startup needs such as incorporating, contracts, website, branding, etc.


I find such joy in sharing my experiences so as to help visionaries bravely take their turn to change the world. Just consider this your start-up starter kit guided by a fellow founder who’s been through it all!


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Workshop Details:

School of THRIVElihood

  • Career 
  • Passion
  • Transition

Duration: 4 hours over 1 session

Pricing: $500.00 USD


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About the School of THRIVElihood

When we think of livelihood, we think about having the means to have our basic necessities of life met. Here at the School of THRIVElihood, we believe that JOY is the most basic necessity of all and Uniquely U. is your coach and champion to help you get more of it in your life! When you are doing things that bring you joy, such as feeling more organized, becoming aware of your unique offering to the world, or pursuing a passion and learning how to make money doing what you love, you attract abundance and freedom. Learn to get paid for your passion and be freed from the shackles of a job that you just can’t bear anymore, or simply gain confidence in your unique skills and level up. Are you ready to pursue a passion and ignite a spark in your life?

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