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School of Empowerment

Embrace Your Personal GPS

Based on the Second Recommandment:
I Shalt Not Become Entrenched In My Emotions

Created & Presented by Author and UPC Co-Founder:

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Course Description

In this course, Dana Sardano, author of Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment, breaks down life’s difficulties into the simplest of terms and explains how to most effectively utilize your innate navigation system to redirect your personal trajectory so you can revel in the life that you desire. 


Dana Sardano has taken some of her most profound insights from Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment and shares them with you in this 1-hour course where she discusses how integral your innate guidance systems are in allowing you to take control over our life.


Expect to be entertained, inspired, and empowered with the tools to help you rewrite your story!

Ten Recommandments
Contemplation Journal

In this amazing resource created to expedite your personal growth, Dana offers some guidance with your contemplation. She includes some practice exercises, throws in some “hot tips”, wraps it up with a beautiful bow of insightful quotes (if she doesn’t say so herself!)

Connect With Dana

Have questions? She’s got answers! Submit your thoughts here and Dana will respond as soon as she is able.

About the School of Empowerment

When you realize that you hold the key to make whatever changes need to be made in your life, you can do ANYTHING! 

The only chains that really bind us are the ones we’ve shackled to our own feet. At the School of Empowerment we support you in breaking those chains by helping you become aware of your superpowers. 

Are you ready to take the road less traveled and embrace your true potential?

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