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New Platform FindUniquelyU.com Blends eLearning, Social Network, Virtual Events, Self Help Tools


From life-enriching interactive events to accessible human-touch training and expert guidance, Uniquely U. promotes growth in spirituality, career, education, wellness, interpersonal relationships and more.


Bayport, NY – June 28, 2022 – FindUniquelyU.com is a unique new virtual community that offers users aged 10-99+ opportunities to engage and connect with like-minded people to explore deep within oneself, share experiences, and learn and integrate new skills. This is achieved through online workshops, a social network, virtual event center, library, directory of goods and services, and store.


This robust, one-of-a-kind offering is built on a foundation of love, spirituality, and self-empowerment. It is the brainchild of Angela DiMarco, an accomplished NY-based creative design specialist and entrepreneur, and Dana Sardano, a Florida-based schoolteacher, artist, and intuitive. Friends since college (Sigma Delta Tau sorority sisters) the two developed the platform these past two years — investing several hundred thousand dollars into it — and are joined by a group of passionate individuals from many walks of life, all sharing the goal of lifting people up.


FindUniquelyU.com goes live on June 28, 2022, opening its doors for registration of its U-Campus workshops which range in topics from Metaphysics, Creativity, Empowerment, Community, and Integrative Wellness. Thirty-two workshops in all, and taking session beginning July, they are presented in a real-time environment that cultivates kindness and support, empowering individuals to step out of their comfort zones and expand their horizons.


Led by independent “U-Instructors” located around the world, the workshops are held virtually in English — with multilingual presentation coming — using Big Blue Button classroom software integrated with the Uniquely U. platform developed in partnership with Scopic Software. Users can utilize mobile devices with desk/laptop computer recommended for best workshop experience.


U-Campus Virtual Workshops

  • School of THRIVElihood (Do What You Love-Find Your Passion-Driven Career, Core Values, Time: Are you Managing it or is it Managing You? How-U: Build a Website Like a Boss!, Brand DNA: Decoding Your U-Chromosome)
  • School of Metaphysics (Initiating Pathways to Manifestation, Awakening to the New You, Energy 101, What is Your Superpower, Chakras & Tantra)
  • School of Empowerment (“Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment” Series, Increase Your Energy Naturally, Healing with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Stress Relief Tool Kit, Emotional Intelligence for Mindful Living)
  • Farmacy School (Building Immunity Through Holistic Balance, Achieving Glowing Health & Vitality)
  • It Takes a Village School (Understanding our Emotions (Adolescents 10+), Embracing You & Me, Conscious Kids, Conscious Kids: The Art of Meditation)
  • School of Creative Expression (Unraveling the Self, Watercolor Poetry, Let Your Heart Sing with ASL (American Sign Language), Dreaming for the Soul – a Musical Twist on ASL)
  • Kitchen Sink (Sacred Sexuality for Couples or Singles)


Uniquely U. Community Experience Components Coming Soon:

  • Campus Commons Proprietary U-Social Network. Create your U-Social profile, and authentically engage with one another. Open to all members. Come as you are!
  • The Light House Event Center hosts virtual events for all members. Coming soon, special event “So You’ve Put Down the Substance, Now What?” — a Creative Collaboration with Uniquely U.’s Founder/CEO Angela DiMarco and Director of Culture Enrichment + Global Support Cristen Grajeda aka “The Light Keeper”
  • The library houses all types of wonderful streaming content available 24/7 for members. First to hit the shelves is the streaming audiobook Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment written and narrated by Uniquely U. Co-Founder/Chief Officer of Content + Curriculum Dana Sardano
  • Hello! Pages Directory of Goods and Services offered by its members in the real world
  • Shop U. for Uniquely U. apparel and accessories that make your spark shine!


Membership and Workshop Costs
Uniquely U.’s subscription cost of $15.99 per month provides access to the entire platform. (This fee is waived until January 1, 2023. As a special launch promotion, those who register in advance of September 1, 2022, will be considered Founding Users, and receive a free lifetime membership valued at $149.99/year.) U-Campus workshops cost $75 per hour and are on average three hours in duration.  


Members login via the FindUniquelyU.com home page. There they access the application where all the functionality of browsing, purchasing, and accessing future and completed workshops takes place. Members who have completed workshops can watch replays in perpetuity.


Become a U-Instructor
With an eye towards continuously expanding the individual and collective knowledge base, Uniquely U. has developed a free human-to-human training program called Ready-Set-Teach! ©. Valued at $1,240, this guides U-Instructor applicants in every aspect of the process, from course development to engagement strategies to technology training. For those wanting to share their gifts or passions, recruiting for new U-Instructors will be open from July 15 to August 1, 2022.


Why Uniquely U?
Uniquely U. is the vision of Uniquely U. Founder/CEO Angela DiMarco – borne from her life experiences. Angela tapped her 25+ years of marketing and branding expertise with NYC-based ad agencies Draft Worldwide, Digitas, RAPP, and more — where she honed her skills at finding a brand’s unique differentiating, authentic factors — to develop the concept from the ground up. In December 2021 she left her in-house job as Director of Branding & General Marketing with manufacturing company Visiontron to focus solely on bringing the platform to life.


“Thinking I had it all – then being hit with the recession in 2008, a failed marriage, being a single mom, losing a job in advertising, starting a freelance agency and chasing business, plus having a near nervous breakdown, I could have really used a community like Uniquely U. — a place to learn how to nurture clients and how to market myself, a place from which I could source work and learn how to be a single mom while freelancing, a community with like-minded interests that supports one another and reminds each other that life isn’t something to be survived, but rather it is to be lived. It would have been helpful to have the support of a village, as I was very much alone and very much winging it,” she says.


“Looking back on this time in my life and hearing of people’s experiences of reinventing themselves due to the pandemic sparked my idea for this platform. No one should have to suffer to put food on the table. Not today. Not ever! Now, there is opportunity for anyone who reaches for it for the little dogs to get the big bones. All they need to do is find their truly unique skills and follow their hearts to do what they are passionate about. Success is the natural byproduct of following that passion. I have seen it repeatedly,” furthered Angela.


Angela is joined by Dana Sardano, Uniquely U. Co-Founder / Chief Officer of Content + Curriculum. Dana is the owner, resident artist, and intuitive at Ubuntu Fish Gallery, located in Stuart, Florida. After picking up a paint brush in 2015 for the first time since her childhood, in 2017 Dana retired from a 23-year career in education, to fully embrace an artist’s life and to model for her daughter’s the importance of listening to their soul’s purpose by following their bliss.


My role is to assist the like-minded unicorns of the Uniquely U. community so they can embody their truest essence and empower themselves in a multitude of uplifting and self-empowering ways so they can do the same for others.


As the world appears to be crashing and burning right before our eyes, we often feel powerless and hopeless that there is not anything that we as individuals can do to prevent the strife that is occurring all around us. What we at Uniquely U. have learned is that the only answer to improving our global crises is to first improve ourselves. We may not have the ability to “control” what occurs in the macrocosm of our life experience, but we have 100% control of what occurs in the microcosm, and we understand that doing so begins with our own personal health and wellness,” says Dana.


“We also understand that health and wellness are not just about green drink and treadmills; it is about understanding what WE want out of life and knowing how to get it. We understand that each of us at the core truly desires love, joy, peace, and freedom, and we at Uniquely U. have created a community and a platform so we can achieve these states of being together!” exclaimed Dana.


Dana’s recently published book, Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment, synergistically aligns with Uniquely U.’s philosophies. The streaming audio version of the book is exclusively available for purchase on the Shop U. Store. As a special launch promotion, Uniquely U. is offering a free audio copy to the first three hundred students who sign up for any workshop.


For all Uniquely U. press inquiries, contact Paul Muto of Muto Communications via email at paul@mutocomm.com or phone at 516.662.5374.


About FindUniquelyU.Com

Based on Long Island (Bayport, NY) with team offices located in Stuart, Florida and Chicago, Illinois, and in partnership with https://scopicsoftware.com/, Uniquely U. is a subscription-based educational technology platform that provides real-time, online, intimate workshops and experiences for people aged 10-99+ worldwide. Workshops and events are hosted virtually by an ever-growing roster of inspiring U-Instructors based around the world. Areas of discipline include Metaphysics, Creative Expression, Empowerment, Community, and Integrative Wellness. Additional key features of the platform include a social network, virtual event center, library, directory of goods and services, and store. Uniquely U. nurtures the development of new U-Instructors who contribute inspiring content for the community. FindUniquelyU.com

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