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With a vision to uplift and inspire the world, Angela DiMarco and Dana Sardano create a collaborative platform that beautifully blends extra education and community.

The Vision: Uniquely U. is an online “extra education” and networking resource dedicated to serving anyone who wishes to know themselves better. We at Uniquely U. are creating a supportive community of people who are authentically themselves, lifting each other up to thrive and excel at work, play and just plain happiness. We see a world where anyone who wants “it” has an opportunity to grab “it” (whatever their “it” is.) We envision a global community connecting, collaborating, learning, and lifting each other up — ALWAYS up — and we aim for a society that fosters and celebrates attainable, sustainable growth, happiness, and joy! Our mission is simply to make life better, to leave this world better than how we got it. It’s to offer guidance to those who want to do the same. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an artist or a spiritual practitioner, or simply, someone who wants to be excited to get up in the morning, it is our mission to assist you in your journey to get there, wherever there is for YOU.

Article by Professor Sparky, August 29, 2022


Angela DiMarco, Founder/CEO of and Dana Sardano, Co-Founder/Chief Office of Content + Curriculum, are a powerhouse duo who have partnered up to develop an innovative online platform for education, interpersonal connection, upliftment and empowerment for the global community. 


Although this venture is pretty phenomenal as a standalone, Angela and Dana, who have an incredible, supportive partnership, bring so much more to the table.


Angela and Dana met at the University of South Florida in 1992. They were in the same sorority Sigma Delta Tau and even bartended in the same college bar. Their connection was magical from the word go but as life progressed, so did their paths and they eventually lost touch. After 30 years, they have reconnected and together created this groundbreaking platform, and the magic has been ignited once again.


Both Angela, Director of Branding & General Marketing at Visiontron in Holbrook, New York, and Dana, Director of Student Development at Katz Yeshiva High School in Boca Raton, Florida recently left six figure income careers so they could follow their passion and show others how to do the same. Dana’s desire was to become an artist and Angela’s was to save the world, and they are both realizing their dreams.


Their first, most daunting challenge with this endeavor was taking that initial leap of faith and leaving the stable income. The primary challenge was overcoming the fear of failure, the fear of being selfish, and the fear of taking the road less traveled. Once they jumped, the next phase of challenges was quick to present itself— the keeping the faith and plugging ahead, even in the sea of naysayers and mansplainers; then came the trusting themselves and trusting the plan regardless of what the bank statements were trying to tell them. The greatest challenge, however, is trusting that they know what they know even in the face of adversity; it’s remaining anchored in what they know and maintaining their integrity, their dignity, and their equilibrium while the frequent waves of imposter syndrome wash over them.


Dana is a 25-year veteran educator turned artist and owner of Ubuntu Fish Gallery in Stuart, Florida. She has recently published her second book called Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment, available in paperback and ebook formats, as well as a hilariously self-narrated audiobook available exclusively on


After a 25+ year career in Marketing specializing in brand development, Angela of Bayport, New York has created and developed and is nothing short of a phenom! Angela, a mother of a toddler and a teenager, left her job in 2021 and partnered up with Dana, mother of two adolescents of her own for this exciting new venture.


Because they are both from the latch key generation and want better for their children, it is their mission to offer opportunities for passion-driven careers to people, women especially, that allows freedom and flexibility so they can be both accessible parents and career women without making the ultimate sacrifice — themselves.


Members of the Uniquely U. administration team are located all over the U.S.A. with headquarters located in New York. Angela and Dana have designed a unique work structure, as Uniquely U. requirements do not fit within a typical 9-5er where employees clock in and out. Each member of the admin team is virtual and has the freedom and flexibility to make their own schedule, as this is the way both owners (both mothers of school-aged children) desire to work. It is paramount that everyone feel that they don’t have to make a choice between their families and work, and that they are never put in a position to miss those memorable moments. Angela and Dana believe this working environment fosters a great respect for the team as a whole, and they all have each other’s backs when one needs to take time off.


Uniquely U. also employs U-Instructors from all over the world that join the team as independent contractors. The company provides the opportunity to earn extra income for those who need it. Scheduling workshops on THEIR time is an extremely important factor in their corporate philosophy so their people don’t feel stretched too thin, and they feel seen AND understood. Uniquely U. is a ‘whole family’ employer because both Angela and Dana prioritize the whole families of our own. is the foundational structure where Angela and Dana can do their part to make the world a better place. They believe that great change begins with you. It begins with us, and when we are well, happy and whole, and our children are well, happy and whole, humanity will not be far behind.



Uniquely U. Launch Press Release


About FindUniquelyU.Com
Based on Long Island (Bayport, NY) with team offices located in Stuart, Florida and Chicago, Illinois, and in partnership with, Uniquely U. is a subscription-based educational technology platform that provides real-time, online, intimate workshops and experiences for people aged 10-99+ worldwide. Workshops and events are hosted virtually by an ever-growing roster of inspiring U-Instructors based around the world. Areas of discipline include Metaphysics, Creative Expression, Empowerment, Community, and Integrative Wellness. Additional key features of the platform include a social network, virtual event center, library, directory of goods and services, and store. Uniquely U. nurtures the development of new U-Instructors who contribute inspiring content for the community.


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