Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment

A loose autobiography written and hilariously narrated by UPC’s very own Dana Sardano!



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We must warn you! — if you are really ready for this book, it WILL change your life. Side effects include seeing things as they really are, letting go of pain, getting unstuck in your life, laughing hysterically one second and ugly crying the next and finally living with more contentment, joy and freedom. So buckle up, you’re in for quite the ride! 

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Sometimes it just feels nice to hold the real book in your hands, mark up the pages, or cuddle with it at night hoping the concepts become ingrained through osmosis…oh, sorry, we digress! Purchase the book at an Amazon store near you 🙂 

Here’s what readers have to say about Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment:

The experience of writing this book was a great purge on so many levels. For me, it was more physical than emotional because that’s where my shame hid, in my physicality. It hid in disease and physical maladies, and as I processed and conveyed my greatest hurts, I observed my body release in the process, sometimes laying me out for days at a time. 


I truly have no words for what this experience has gifted me—it has gifted me improved physical health, emotional wellness, and personal freedom. 


My hope is that having read about these experiences and insights, and perhaps gleaning some insights of your own, it has offered the same gifts to you.