Hate networking events? So do we. That’s why we created Those Who Rise & Shine events.


Our next event in Smithtown, New York will be in September 2023. Sign up to stay in the know!

See below for ticket information.

Benefits of attending include:

  • Minimal commitment (just one 3-hour evening).

  • Inexpensive—ticket is the cost of two bougie Starbucks drinks.

  • Make authentic and meaningful connections that would otherwise take many interactions to achieve.

  • Win fun prizes! Munch on treats! Mingle with folks you might otherwise never meet.

  • Interested in elevating your business? Apply to be a presenter and give new visibility to your brand (see below for details.)

  • Exclusive Event Sponsor Package is the perfect opportunity to take your brand to new heights of awareness. (see below for details.)

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Limited availability. First come, first serve. Tickets must be purchased in advance. No ticket sales at the door.


Smithtown, NY

Details will be disclosed upon ticket purchase.


5:00-5:30pm  Arrive & Settle In

5:30-5:45pm  Welcome

5:45-6:45pm  10 min. Presentations, Break, First Raffle

6:45-8:00pm  Munching & Mingling, Second Raffle


It’s easy to celebrate our monumental achievements because these victories are obvious and joyful and often triumphant. It’s the moments behind the scenes, however, where tenuous steps are taken, obstacles are overcome, and mountains are moved by the most obscure revelations that truly define a person.


Uniquely Phenom Collaboration recognizes the greatness, courage, and sheer determination that lie in the foundation of the human spirit.


By sharing these stories, our hope is to inspire one another to keep moving forward despite our fear and to collaborate and authentically expand our networks.

Are you looking to expand your network?

This is your opportunity to not only truly connect in an authentic manner by sharing your personal story of triumph, but to gain some invaluable street cred.

Apply to be a presenter!

6 spots available for our September event, starting at $199.

You are under no financial obligation to apply. However, once your application is approved, you will be responsible to pay for your presenter package in full in order to secure your spot.


  • You will prepare a ten-minute talk sharing an experience where you’ve stepped into your greatness. It should be linked to your business/content. This is not your average sales pitch!

  • We will professionally craft your bio and promote your business before, during, and after the event.

  • You’ll receive a professionally edited video of your segment, which will add to your street cred. You will own all assets created for you to use for your own marketing purposes (File types may include mp4, mp3, and jpg. Great assets for marketing your business/content!)

  • We will promote your presentation on our properties: FindUniquelyU.com, Phenom-Publishing.com and Uniquely Phenom Collaboration.

  • Presenter package includes two tickets comped for your guests (everything is better with friends!)

  • Partake in a 30 minute virtual  interview, where you’ll get to share all the details about your business, such as where you started and your plans for the road ahead. For a limited timed time, bonus — receive up to three portrait snippets of your interview for social media reels. (Available only with the Premium Presenter Package—see application for details.)

Event Sponsor Opportunity

If your business aligns with our mission to celebrate authenticity and the human spirit, then this is a perfect opportunity to generate awareness of your brand.

Package: $1,500

1 Available

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for our upcoming event, contact the Angela DiMarco, Event Coordinator, at Hello@UniquelyPhenom.com.


  • The upcoming event will be sponsored by your company. A representative from your company will provide the welcome address (10 minutes max.) opening our event.

  • We will promote your company before, during, and after the event.

  • All presentations will be visible on our properties: FindUniquelyU.com, Phenom-Publishing.com and Uniquely Phenom Collaboration, as well as the presenter’s properties.

  • Representative from your organization will partake in a 30 minute interview that will run during all our promotions of this event, plus up to five portrait snippets of your interview for social media reels.

  • You will own all assets created for your business to use for your own marketing purposes (file types may include mp4, mp3, and jpg.)

  • Sponsor package includes ten tickets comped for your guests.


What a fantastic night celebrating authenticity!


It takes a lot of courage to be open and vulnerable and I salute these five brave presenters, who I have a more profound and deeper respect for.


With deep gratitude, I would like to thank each of you for making this first event so successful:


Michaela Birdyshaw, Joy, Inc.
Nicole CraveiroCraveHRO™
Simon BrazierVisiontron – The People Guidance Pros
Chris ColuccioTechworks Consulting, Inc.
Chrissy Bencivenga, Instagram


And a very special thanks to all who attended, whether as a guest of the presenters or who purchased tickets. You were amazingly supportive of our presenters and showed them so much love. It was just an amazing feeling in the room last night and I can’t wait to do it again!


Stay tuned for our next event in June! I will be reaching out with more information in the coming days, but if you need to connect with anyone from last night, please PM me and I will see what I can do.


Thank you to my co-collaborator in crime Dana Sardano for sponsoring the presenter gift bags on behalf Ubuntu Fish Gallery. Your generous gifts of your art are sure to be appreciated!


Thank you to Timothy WanSmith Carroad Wan & Parikh, P.C. for allowing us to host our event in your amazing space! There was a lot of gushing on how amazing it was (my 4 yr old didn’t want to leave!) We can’t wait to do it again, and have you BE there!

Presentations from our April 6, 2023 event in Smithtown, New York are now available on Youtube:



Nicole Craveiro

Owner, CraveHRO

Nicole Craveiro, owner of CRAVEHRO, HR consulting for employers who care, created her business after overcoming challenges that could easily have stifled her success. Nicole openly shares that she hadn’t been the most stellar student for much of her educational career and had even found herself in a group home during her adolescence. She speaks of how she turned it around, found her passion in HR, and graduated with her Masters Degree from Stony Brook College–in the same town that she  spent a month of her life in a group home 15 years prior. With humor and candor, Nicole discusses overcoming the fiery pits of Hell and celebrates the life she’s created for herself.

Simon Brazier

Director of Sales, Visiontron

Simon Brazier is the Director of Sales with Visiontron. Throughout his extensive experience working with people under various circumstances, he has learned to trust his instincts regardless of popular opinion. Simon shares his story with the hope of inspiring people to listen to that voice because it is always right!

Michaela Birdyshaw

Chief Joy Officer at Joy, Inc.
Personal Empowerment Coach

As a life coach and group facilitator, Michaela Birdyshaw carries forward the lessons learned through the Dojo Kun of Okinawa Kenpo Karate into all she does and all she is.


Michaela puts herself in a very particular class when she shares that she has earned a black belt–and yes–she  always says earned, for she is humbled by her own dedication. She is deeply proud to hold this distinction. She is, however, most proud of her white belt–her first and dirtiest. The celebration of her black belt is owed to the grit learned in pursuit of her white belt. Michaela learned to develop her  inner and outer strength to move and love like never before. She had no idea it would help her find the right balance through life and offer this gift to others. During For Those Who Rise and Shine, Michaela shares this gift with you.

Chris Coluccio

CEO and Co-Founder, Techworks Consulting, Inc.

Chris Coluccio is the creator of Techworks Consulting, Inc., which continues to grow everyday and expand its influence, while maintaining the important values it was built on. Chris will share the story of his hard work and dedication and of how he (plus a team of great people) helped transform Techworks from a near bankruptcy IT provider to one of the most respected Technology companies on Long Island.

Chrissy Bencivenga

Performing Artist, Advocate, Content Creator

Chrissy Bencivenga is a writer, singer, and content creator who has walked through the fire and lived to tell the tale.  After overcoming many addictions, she changed her career and life path and acts as an advocate for others experiencing similar challenges. Chrissy speaks openly and honestly about overcoming eating disorders, infertility, divorce, anxiety, depression, and low self-worth. She does not subscribe to the notion of airing life’s difficulties as “TMI”; rather she shares her stories as a way to uplift and empower others.


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