How do you find Uniquely U.? By following your very own orange brick road!

Want to know how you find Uniquely U.? Start by checking your Spark Meter (Caution! It will lead you to rediscovering what truly brings you joy!) 


If you’ve already taken the Spark Meter survey, you probably realize that you ARE indeed worthy of happiness. You might also be wondering, “Okay, so now what?” Don’t worry, the rest is as easy as 1-2-3! 


1. Refer to the tallies of how many ‘yes’ answers you had under each color on the back of your survey. 


2. Click on the color below that had the most yeses. If you had several colors with the same amount, feel free to click through on each and see which resonates most with you. There are no wrong turns ahead! 


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In a society that promotes “having it all”, often people are STILL unfulfilled. Many of us have lost the ability to find joy in our lives, so we distract ourselves with vices and vapid entertainment, just living life andgoing through the motions. Uniquely U. is for the people who understand that there has got to be more to life than this. Uniquely U. offers people the opportunity to rediscover what brings them joy. It allows them to cultivate their creativity and connect with like-minded people with the simple purpose — to relearn how to enJOY their lives. If you’re ready to discoveranother way, to reignite YOURjoy, here’s how you find