Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment

U-Instructor: Dana Sardano, Uniquely U. Co-Founder / Chief Officer of Content + Curriculum

Workshop Description:

This life-altering workshop is based on the well-received book written by Dana Sardano. Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment is a loose autobiography written in a how-to format that is structured around the life lessons that have led Dana to her own personal empowerment. Dana’s hope is to educate the adults and the children through all of her writing so that they can empower themselves and work together to create a new self-empowered, unity conscious generation.


As a 25-year veteran educator, Dana now brings her insightful wisdom to others, offering the Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment workshop on FindUniquelyU.com. This informative, and interactive 8-hour workshop is delivered in 2-hour increments over a 4-week period. 


Dana facilitates this course in a similar fashion to which she has written the book. She incorporates engaging and personal anecdotal storytelling to connect the concepts that she presents in the book, facilitates interactive activities so that you the student can best apply these concepts to your own experiences, and walks you through step-by-step processes so you can complete the workshop with the best tools and practices to assist in your personal empowerment.


Dana also creates a safe and inviting space, through her own “open book” style of sharing, that encourages open classroom discussion that forges feelings of unity, solidarity, and brings home the message that, although we are all creating and living in our own unique experiences, we are essentially all in this together.

Workshop Details:

School of Empowerment

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Growth
  • Self-Care

Duration: 8 hours over 4 weeks

Pricing: $1,000.00 USD


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This workshop is for you if…

  • You feel stuck in your life and can’t figure out why.
  • You find your emotions “get you in trouble” at times and want to learn how to use them as a guide rather than a hindrance.
  • You entertain the notion that your physicality and emotionality are linked in some way.
  • You are tired of life being so hard.
  • You want to take control over your life.
  • You struggle to set personal boundaries.
  • You desire more equitable relationships.
  • You want to align with the life that you desire.
  • You want a more practical approach to chakra health and personal alignment.
  • You are feeling like something is missing in your life.
  • You have lost your spark.
  • You feel that happiness might just be out of reach for you.
  • You desire more joy, peace and freedom in your life.
  • You are ready to enjoy your life.
  • You want to feel empowered.
  • Awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Manifestation
  • Alignment
  • Productivity
  • Stress-Relief
  • Personal Growth
  • Self-Care
  • Self-Help

About the School of Empowerment

When you realize that you hold the key to make whatever changes need to be made in your life, you can do ANYTHING! The only chains that really bind us are the ones we’ve shackled to our own feet. At the School of Empowerment we support you in breaking those chains by helping you become aware of your superpowers. Are you ready to take the road less traveled and embrace your true potential?

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