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Increase Your Energy Naturally

U-Instructor: Cristen R. Grajeda, Uniquely U. Director of Culture Enrichment + Global Support

Workshop Description:

This interactive workshop will leave you feeling empowered, inspired & invigorated!


Increase Your Energy Naturally, an integrative wellness workshop, focuses on the importance of self-care and its effect on overall health and well-being.


You will learn how the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems are all interrelated and explore simple ways to raise energy levels. Through guided activities that promote self-awareness and self-reflection, you will have a better understanding of how stress impacts you, and what types of outlets serve you best.


This class is instructed through Powerpoint presentation with lecture. Also, you the participant, will be guided through a variety of activities such as, interactive discussions, homework, guided activities, group work, and self-reflection.

Workshop Details:

School of Empowerment

  • Stress-Relief
  • Self-Help
  • Self-Care

Duration: 2 hours over 3 weeks

Pricing: $150.00 USD

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This workshop is for you if…

  • You are tired of feeling tired.
  • You are looking for natural ways to increase your energy levels and improve your overall health.
  • You are interested in manifesting the life you know you deserve.
  • You want practical, simple ways to raise your vibration and feel better.
  • Awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Manifestation
  • Alignment
  • Productivity
  • Stress-Relief
  • Personal Growth
  • Self-Care
  • Self-Help

About the School of Empowerment

When you realize that you hold the key to make whatever changes need to be made in your life, you can do ANYTHING! The only chains that really bind us are the ones we’ve shackled to our own feet. At the School of Empowerment we support you in breaking those chains by helping you become aware of your superpowers. Are you ready to take the road less traveled and embrace your true potential?

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