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Our philosophy at Uniquely U. is when we ignite our spark and follow our joy, it stirs a passion within us that is unique to each and every one of us. Because our individual uniqueness is celebrated in its own special way, not every workshop is going to be categorized nicely into one of our schools, so we created the Kitchen Sink School for such an occasion. This is where you, the mavericks, who refuse to be boxed into just one category, are gifted the freedom to learn something beyond the confines of traditional categories—the freedom to explore!

Upcoming Workshops

We do not currently have any workshops scheduled in the Kitchen Sink School. Please contact your team@finduniquelyu.com for any questions or assistance!

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Workshops are led by U-Instructors who are more akin to coaches, mentors, big brothers/sisters and friends. Their #1 priority is to create a safe space where you can collaborate with peers, rediscover your spark and  become Uniquely U.

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