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Conscious Kids

U-Instructor: Vanita Pierre

Workshop Description:

Conscious Kids is a 4-week workshop that is geared towards parents and adults who care for/work with children in some capacity.


The objective of this workshop is to teach the adults the tools and techniques that they can pass onto the children to use in their daily lives to re-center themselves, feel calmer, and generally happier.


This course also aims to teach the adults how to empower the children, helping them believe in themselves and maintain a positive outlook in life. The goal is that kids will ultimately become more empowered, calm, peaceful and resilient.


The beautiful by-product of attending this workshop is you, the adult, will also feel calmer and more at peace as a result of practising the techniques yourself; you will not only be able to assist the children but also carry these techniques into your own lives as well!


The workshop will include 4 classes, each covering one of the following aspects pertaining to well-being. These include:


1. Introduction + Meditation
2. Heart Math
3. Breathwork
4. Goal-setting, Visualisation and Affirmations

Workshop Details:

It Takes a Village School

  • Balance
  • Behavior
  • Accountability

Duration: 8 hours over 4 weeks

Pricing: $600.00 USD

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This workshop is for you if…

  • You are a parent, caregiver, educator, guardian, sports coach, counselor, teacher, or someone who works with children in any capacity of any age.
  • You want to learn tools and techniques for emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • You want them to cultivate resilience, inner peace, self-regulation, calmness and a joy that will be with them all throughout adulthood.
  • You want them to grow up with an awareness of their true selves, true nature and infinite potential.
  • You want them to know that they CAN be/do/have whatever they want with the right mindset and tools.
  • You want them to live in the present moment, decrease anxiety, improve relationships and build self-esteem whilst aligning the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of their being.
  • Adolescents
  • Balance
  • Behavior
  • Eldercare
  • Accountability
  • Continuing Ed.
  • Parenting
  • Empowerment
  • Homeschool
  • Future Leaders

About the It Takes a Village School

The world we live in is forever changing, yet a parent’s concern for their child always remains constant. Recognizing the children’s needs and the need for real-time remedies, workshops in our It Takes a Village School focus on the whole child and understand that the catalyst for change begins with consciously educating our kids. We also understand that the values of kindness, community, emotional intelligence, respect and self-empowerment are just the beginning of teaching our children well in order to let them lead the way. Join us for support, collaboration, unique strategies and creative approaches to educating magical parents and children of all ages to grow through life feeling loved and whole.

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