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The world we live in is forever changing, yet a parent’s concern for their child always remains constant. Recognizing the children’s needs and the need for real-time remedies, workshops in our It Takes a Village School focus on the whole child and understand that the catalyst for change begins with consciously educating our kids. We also understand that the values of kindness, community, emotional intelligence, respect and self-empowerment are just the beginning of teaching our children well in order to let them lead the way. Join us for support, collaboration, unique strategies and creative approaches to educating magical parents and children of all ages to grow through life feeling loved and whole.

Upcoming Workshops

Find a workshop that accommodates your schedule in the It Takes a Village School. Please contact your team@finduniquelyu.com for any questions or assistance!

Veda Finds Her Crown (Adults)

U-Instructor: Dana Sardano

Conscious Kids

U-Instructor: Vanita Pierre

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Embracing You & Me

U-Instructor: Neha Mital

Veda Finds Her Crown (For Adolescents Ages 10-15)

U-Instructor: Dana Sardano

Conscious Kids: The Art of Meditation

U-Instructor: Vanita Pierre

Past Workshops

These past workshops are not currently on the upcoming schedule. If you are interested in taking one of these courses, fill out this form with the workshop title you are interested in taking. We’ll respond within 48 hours with the status of future workshops.

Understanding Our Emotions (For Adolescents Ages 10-15)

U-Instructor: Neha Mital

5 hours over 2 sessions

This is a workshop for adolescent children of our members around ages 10-15 years old and works in conjunction with Embracing You & Me — a course for parents/caretakers who are looking for best practices to create healthy relationships with the children. Because the information from Embracing You & Me comes from you and through you, this workshop will allow the children to receive this curriculum first hand, on their terms, in order to help them better receive and understand the tips and tools provided to them during their own experience.

In this workshop, the children are imparted an understanding of their emotions, a recognition of their triggers, and are empowered with an action plan and techniques to enable healthy expression.

Upon completion of this course, students will understand different ways of releasing anger, sharing sadness, expressing love and gratitude, and practising courage, empathy & kindness.

The sessions include storytelling, presentations and collective sharing/discussion to ensure their understanding of the emotion. Worksheets, demonstrations, and exercises will be utilized for release and practice. Occasionally videos and creation/art may be utilized for efficacy.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop must be purchased on behalf of a minor child by an adult Uniquely U. member who is over the age of 18 years old. The member agrees to assume all responsibility for the child's interactions on the Uniquely U. platform. We encourage the adult to monitor the minor’s usage, and the adult and minor agrees to release Uniquely U., and hold Uniquely U. harmless from any and all content viewed, or interactions with any party. At any and all times, because access to the workshop will be through the member's account, the member may also attend the child's workshop, communicate with their U-Instructor and view replays. We highly value everyone's privacy, but equally important, we wish for everyone to have a safe and trusting experience. After all, it does take a village, doesn't it?!

  • You want your children to manage their emotions better.
  • You feel your children are often angry and want them to be easy.
  • You want your children to express themselves freely and with ease.

Teen Leader­ship: Step­ping into Your Power

U-Instructor: Cristen R. Grajeda

1.5 hours over 1 session

This interactive workshop addresses the important life skill of emotional intelligence by promoting self-awareness and reflection. Young leaders will spend time investing in themselves, understanding their personal motivators, values, and potential triggers. They will develop an understanding of how these personal aspects influence their behavior. They will also explore different leadership and communication styles and discover what their own tendencies are. This session also promotes an understanding of personal roles in a team setting. Finally, they will learn the skills of effective communication and become empowered to apply these tools toward resolving conflict.

  • You are a young person, seeking to enhance your leadership and communication skills.
  • You enjoy self-reflection and opportunities to grow.
  • You are curious about your own behavior and the reason why you make the choices you do.
  • You would like to connect with like-minded individuals.