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The Light House

The Light House U-Campus Event Center

A lighthouse has always been symbolic as the beacon for directing sea travelers to safety in the seas of darkness. Here at Uniquely U., our Light House is OUR beacon of light for YOU — the soul travelers, those of you searching for your own sparks of light that reside within you.

From community events to support groups to creative collaborations, The Light House is a community builder for all of us to come together, explore our interests, and share in opportunities to ignite our own lights and to feed our own souls.

With Cristen Grajeda, our Light Keeper, at the helm, there is no doubt that your experience(s) here at The Light House will ignite the spark within YOU as you carry on with your now ignited and enlightened soul traveling.

Host an event and share your gifts with our community.

We’ve set the stage for you to test potential course material, connect with the community and gain exposure for your platform.


  • From intimate gatherings to stadium seating, choose the audience size that you are most comfortable with.
  • Want backup singers? We can tap into the deep pool of talent in our community who will help you shine!
  • Never taught before but really want to be a U-Instructor? Hosting a Creative Collaboration or two can help you cultivate the confidence to take the leap and fast track you through our Ready-Set-Teach! training process.


With our very own Cristen Grajeda by your side, there is no safer place to get center stage and let your heart sing!

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