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Cat Nelsson & Elie Zarnow

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Co-Founders of Sacred Healing Space

Hello, we are Cat & Elie.

We started out as two women who were on our own healing journeys and we were seeking to be shown our mission and purpose here on this earth.


We know and believe that the universe brought us together in divine timing. When we met we shared our passions and desires with each other. We soon realized we were meant to be on this path together to bring enlightenment, healing and oneness to all.


Our passion for wanting to support other individuals, who were either at the start of their spiritual journey, those seeking to know and understand more, those who want to strengthen their connection with source, and those who desire to become more, has now become our biggest mission and purpose, and with a lot of heart, Sacred Healing Space was created in July of 2022.


It is our earthly mission to serve our community, to heal holistically in mind, body & soul.


It is our soul’s purpose to bring all humanity to a space of healing, connection, and oneness. Serving one another from the space of unconditional love, free of judgment and empowering you to step into your authentic truth!


Together we have extensive experience, training and knowledge in various areas, ranging from Coaching, Energy Healing including Reiki, Alsemia & Ashati, Higher Senses, Counselling, Psychology, NLP, Hypnosis, Meditations, and so much more.


We facilitate healing meditations and workshops focused on topics such as Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Domestic Violence, Abuse, Relationships, Chakra Alignment, Personal Development, Spirituality, Self love, Healing, Emotions, Psychic Development, Energy Healing and more.


We are excited to connect with you globally.


Much love, light & healing
Cat & Elie xx

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U-Instructors: Cat Nelsson & Elie Zarnow (Sacred Healing Space)

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