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Jason Hairston
(Little Sun)

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Spiritual Teacher, Author, Artist, Television Host

Jason Hairston is an illustrious spiritual teacher, author, artist, and television show host for “Self-Mastery Science,” currently streaming on Ickonic Media.


Jason has spent over a decade teaching profound Self-Mastery tools discovered within years of soul-searching and self-reflection. He is an international teacher who incorporates powerful techniques through speaking, Quantum Energy Healing, and Self-Mastery Coaching. Jason is very passionate about helping others change their lives in profound ways.


The stoic wisdom that Jason Hairston brings forth continues to evolve as he does. He is committed to teaching and learning along his continual path of self-discovery.   


Self Mastery Science


Hosted by
Jason Hairston
(Little Sun)

Promo for Jason’s TV show currently streaming on Ickonic Media.

Messengers Season 2: Jason Hairston
(Little Sun)
Interview Promo

Here is the promo for Jason’s 6 part interview for the show “Messengers”. Sign up at the following link to stream this show and many others:
Ickonic Media.

Self-Mastery 101

U-Instructor: Jason Hairston (Little Sun)

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