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When I was in my 30’s, life was rough. After several back-to-back train wrecky experiences and a failed marriage under my belt, I had an epiphany and discovered the true meaning of karma. I began to understand that karma is just a simple cause and effect relationship, and my actions always have a mirrored response. As I matured, I began to understand that it was my intention that drove the direction of my experience.  I also began to understand that when I trusted my intention and the emotion connected to that intention, the consequence always matched that intention. Simply put, when something felt good, I just needed to do more of that, and when something felt bad, I needed to steer away from that. I spent the next decade of my life understanding this logic but often “forgot” and continued with things that didn’t always feel great.


In my 40’s, I discovered that if something feels good, it is likely rooted in love, and if it feels bad, it is likely based in fear. My rule of thumb became: good feelings=love, so pursue them. Yucky feelings=fear, so shy away from them. It was a simple formula, but it worked for me! My 40’s became magical because I adhered to this belief system, and I continued to make decisions that were based on feeling good, which led me to greater, more fulfilling experiences that were fun and joyful because they were based in love.


Now in my 50’s, I habitually do things that feel good and have refined my senses in such a way that the slightest ick sounds the alarm to run in the other direction. This internal GPS has led me to life’s greatest joys and greatest successes.


In 2020, after losing touch for nearly 30 years, Angela DiMarco my long-lost friend and sorority sister reappeared in my life. Angela and I hadn’t seen each other since the early 90’s when we were in a sorority together at the University of South Florida. When we rekindled our old relationship, it ONLY felt good. When Angela mentioned to me her idea for Uniquely U., it ONLY felt good, and when I made the decision to assist Angela with this endeavor, it is because it ONLY felt good.


At first, my support came in extending my hand in friendship. I offered support, advice, a shoulder, and a sounding board; however, this extension quickly evolved into much more. When I committed to partnering with Angela for the development of Uniquely U., I just did what felt good. I committed my time, my energy, my experience, and my wisdom. Uniquely U.’s message spoke so loudly to both to my heart and to my sensibility that I even committed to a financial investment. At the time, some might’ve considered that investment to be quite the risk, but based on karma, the law of cause and effect, if what you put into something, you essentially get out, my investment was without any risk at all. Quite the contrary, this entire experience has been quite the reward.


I am sharing this with you because my decision to invest in something that felt good has led me and us here today on this beautiful platform surrounded by amazing people that have committed to invest in themselves—with all of our sole intent to uplift and inspire one another. I am just so humbled to be a part of this magnificent creation.


As I welcome all of you, I also encourage you to do what feels good to you. You will never go wrong. Here at Uniquely U., we are alchemists. Life can offer curveballs, but together we have the power to transmute them into magnificence. Thank you for believing in us, and welcome to Uniquely U.



Dana Sardano


About Dana

You can take the teacher out of the classroom but you can’t take the educator out of the teacher!


To begin, I received my B.A. in Special Education in 1993, specializing in Behavioral Disorders (BD) for children K-12. My career path quickly shifted into a learning specialist position, which evolved into the position of Director of Student Development in a private college preparatory high school, where I was hired as a teacher of humanities and where I assisted students with organizational skills and study strategies to help them better adapt in the mainstream classroom environment. I also spent the bulk of my career mentoring teachers and assisting them with their curriculum, content and instructional practices to better educate the whole child. For many years, creating specialized curriculum and behavioral modification plans for teachers was my jam! I learned very early on in my career that behavioral issues, academic achievement, and personal accountability for both went hand in hand (in hand), and built an entire career in mastering an understanding of how to impart this understanding to others.


In January 2015, I picked up a paintbrush for the first time since my childhood which was the catalyst for a major shift in my career, and in June 2017, I decided to retire from my career in education in order to fully embrace an artist’s life and to model for my daughters the importance of listening to your soul’s purpose by following your bliss. I spent two years honing my craft as well as developing my intuition and opened Ubuntu Fish Gallery, An Artists’ Gallery and Intuitive Lounge in September 2019, two years after I took my leap of faith from traditional education. Experiencing for myself and offering for others a more creative and spiritual form of personal growth and development at Ubuntu Fish Gallery, I have never felt more alive and have made it my mission to help others do the same.


During my time as owner/resident artist and intuitive at Ubuntu Fish Gallery, I figured out how to merge my greatest strengths—my intuition, leadership skills, educational experience, and artistic ability—and currently guide people to lead more empowered lives through my intuitive guidance sessions, private groups, workshops, and written works on that very subject matter (and I paint stuff too! 😊).


I have recently written and illustrated a book combined with a workbook for children called Veda Finds Her Crown, centered around chakra health and development to help aide teachers and parents who are educating the whole child. I have also written Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment, a loose autobiography, written in a how-to format that is structured around the life lessons that have led me to my own personal empowerment, which I followed up with Beyond the Ten, Decoding the Woo Woo, which includes much of my educational experience and perspectives in its approach to assisting those in understanding spiritual practices and the spiritual community.


My goal with all of my writing is to act as a bridge between the mainstream and the metaphysical communities so that those on the quest for personal growth and development can do so without being deterred by fearful and biased conceptions of spirituality. My hope is to educate both the parents and the children so that they empower themselves and work together to create a new self-empowered, unity conscious generation.


As the Chief Officer of Content and Curriculum, my role at Uniquely U. is to uplift and inspire the like-minded unicorns of the Uniquely U. community so they can embody their truest essence and empower themselves and others in a multitude of uplifting and self-empowering ways, so they can do the same for others.


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Dana’s self-narrated audiobook Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment is available exclusively in Uniquely U. Shop.

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