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Cuddle Talk Ep. 1—Cristen Grajeda’s Journey to Wellness: a Bit Rocky but Worth the Trip!

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To help set the mood, we require all guests to dress in their lounge wear/pajamas and be stationed in a comfortable place for filming that is NOT at their desk! We are committed to doing the same, so prepare yourself for some rawness and realness and the occasional nip slip!

We spend the bulk of our show engaging our guests in deeper conversation about the importance of stepping into our greatness and encourage our guests to share their personal stories and the wisdom that they’ve gleaned along the way. True to form, however, we close the show lightheartedly by asking our guest questions from our U-connect card deck, which houses cute and creative questions that are based in Uniquely U.’s seven schools of thought. Join us on Cuddle Talk where we strip you down and build you up…and cuddle!

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