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Becoming a U-Instructor!

Our U-Instructors have found their spark, cultivated a passion for their craft, and love connecting with people. Each of them have a special gift for helping others ignite their own  sparks and  uncover their own unique qualities, talents and capabilities. Are you ready to do the same?

You create the content and a schedule that works for you.​

Share your wisdom with an engaged group of students and earn as much extra income as you have time. Teach one course or ten from the comfort of your own location. Create a schedule that works best with your lifestyle.

Why do we put our U-Instructors on a pedestal?​

Because our U-Instructors are the heart-center of our platform. The common thread among our U-Instructors is that they are all unique in their own right. What sets them apart is they all have discovered that spark of joy that ignites them, and they all have had the courage to pursue that spark. For all of them, that spark has turned into joy, and that joy has turned into expansion, which has fueled the desire to share it with others. And because their experience aligns so perfectly with our mission, they have all chosen to come here and do it on our platform. 

Logistically, the differentiating factor for our U-Instructors is that, while helpful to have, there is no formal teaching experience or certifications required. Once your application is accepted, you’ll receive an invitation to join our next U-Instructor Orientation where you will learn about our 4-Step training process called Ready-Set-Teach! to help you get ready for your first day of class. You will also receive a key to the Tool Shed (training materials and other resources.) We provide support and guidance, and you bring your magic!


Ready to ignite your spark and share your passion?

Our recruiting period is closed for this quarter. However, you can apply to join our rock star team and if your application is accepted, you’ll be put on the waiting list for our next recruitment period.

U-Instructor: Dana Sardano, Uniquely U. Co-Founder/COCC
“I have chosen to be such an integral part of Uniquely U. because there’s no other platform that speaks the language of empowerment, betterment and joy than Uniquely U.”
U-Instructor: Neha Mital
“I just love the fact that we have never met each other (in person) but (through virtual conversations) we can give each other goosebumps. I even got the goosebumps when I went to the website. I was like, Oh my God, someone is speaking my language! It’s about raising each other up, and I felt that JUST by visiting the website.”
U-Instructor: Miss Marie
“I’m so excited! I’ve never been so excited about anything like this before. I also am finally accepting that I do have talent. Everyone around me has known I have talent, but now that I am growing as a person, I am ready to share it.”
U-Instructor: Rosie Medina
“It’s a place where I can find others who value who I am, and I can value others as well, and there is no stigma—there’s no right or wrong—there’s no left or right. It’s more like ‘wow, this person has something I can learn from and I can grow from,’ and I’m hoping I can do the same for others.”
U-Instructor: Vanita Pierre
“The team behind Uniquely U. is just amazing! Angela, Cristen, Dana—the guidance I received is truly amazing! I watched my workshop bloom into something so incredible with their guidance (in the Ready-Set-Teach! Program). Uniquely U. is such a unique idea. I don’t think there is anything else like this. For me, it’s a platform that matches my ethos; it makes the world a better place.”