About Us

In a Nutshell:

Uniquely U., a global platform headquartered in New York, is a non accredited, nondiscriminatory e-learning platform available to adult learners and their children ages 8-88 (give or take a few years).


Both our domestic and international U-Instructors are hired as Independent Contractors who’ve graduated from our unique Ready-Set-Teach! training program. They teach content they are passionate about from the comfort of their own locations.


To fully participate and gain all you can from your experience with Uniquely U., all that’s required is a computer with a camera and mic, a reliable internet connection, and a sense of adventure.


Our community is comprised  of people that you might otherwise have connected with at a local coffee shop or a dinner party or met  through trusted friends.  We are friends of friends from all walks of life. Our common thread is kindness and an openness to rediscovering our joy. From those of us a little rough around the edges to the more introverted to the enlightened, we’re all commonly and passionately driven to learn, teach, and connect.

Our Mission

Our mission is simply to make life better, to leave this world better than how we got it. It’s to offer guidance to those who want to do the same. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an artist or a spiritual practitioner, or simply, someone who wants to be excited to get up in the morning, it is our mission to assist you in your journey to get there, wherever there is for YOU.

Our Vision

We see a world where anyone who wants “it” has an opportunity to grab “it” (whatever their “it” is.) We envision a global community connecting, collaborating, learning, and lifting each other up — ALWAYS up — and we aim for a society that fosters and celebrates attainable, sustainable growth, happiness, and joy!

Meet the team that built this city on rock n’ roll....

The Visionary

Angela DiMarco

Founder / CEO / U-Instructor


La Consiglere

Dana Sardano

Co-Founder / Chief Officer of Content + Curriculum / U-Instructor / BIO

The General Counsel

Tim Wan

Wan Law Group


The Magicians

Scopic Software

Digital DevelopmentTeam


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